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Kasturi is born out of the need to enhance the connection between producers and consumers of food business . Kasturi is an  initiative of Tata Chemicals society for Rural Development launched in 2017.


Kasturi women’s movement welcomes you to ensure Healthy Food for All.  Kasturi is a feminine network of producers for consumers by service providers. It facilitates women enterprises across value chain of food sector. This includes collectives of farmers (FPOs, NGOs & SHGs), service providers (educators, suppliers, channel partners, food processors, funders, technology providers & volunteers) & consumers.




Tata Chemicals believes in a cohesive, inclusive & integrated society, in which all individuals have access to opportunities for personal growth & inclusive economic growth. The present socio-economic environment necessitates a more constructive role by industry for achieving inclusiveness & complementing the ongoing efforts of Government & civil society in enhancing social equity.


Improving the quality of life & fostering sustainable & integrated development in the communities where it operates is central to Tata Chemicals’ corporate philosophy. In order to do so Tata Chemicals established Tata Chemicals Society for Rural Development (TCSRD) in 1980 as a society & trust. The principle aim & objective as written in the memorandum of association, of which Tata Chemicals is a principle promoter is to undertake, carry out, promote, sponsor, assist or aid directly or in other manner, any activity for:


  1. The promotion & growth of rural economy.
  2. Rural welfare.
  3. Activities relating to environmental protection.
  4. Conservation of natural resources.
  5. Creating & developing facilities for public education.
  6. Fostering conservation and research in the field of natural history.
  7. Other programmes for promoting the socio-economic development and welfare or uplift of the people in any rural area in India.

To know more about TCSRD, visit the website: www.tcsrd.org

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Kasturi process (S.E.L.F.) starts with helping women See their unique strengths, followed by providing them opportunities to Express their unique offerings & finally, coaching them to Lead their unique opportunities to Fulfill the common vision of Healthy Food for All. This process is facilitated by Kasturi directly & also indirectly in partnership with its institutional partners.

Kasturi offers training & networking services at local, regional, national & digital level. Training focuses on soft skills including self leadership, family partnership & community coaching skills. Networking focuses on recognizing women agripreneurs for greater visibility of their offerings across value chain of food business.

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"Healthy Food for All" by co-creating National Network of Women Agripreneurs


Facilitating ecosystem of women producers for women consumers by women service providers


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