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An Introduction to the Kasturi Digital Learning Metholodogy

The digital learning content provided at Kasturi is based on the foundation of Feminine Leadership – a powerful, emergent body of work that is gaining ground around the world. The content seeks to turn the learner, the Kalyaani, within herself to access the best of her potential. Towards this end, proven processes and tools drawn from a treasure of sources including conscious leadership, emotional competence, neuro-linguistic programming, appreciative inquiry, non-violent communication, etc. have been brought together. These are woven into short micro-learning modules followed by reflective exercises for the learner to deepen her learning and application, particularly in the context of agri-enterprise.

Aside from an application processing fee, our self-paced digital learning modules are free for all approved Kalyaanies at the moment, with the hope that the learning gets shared in their communities and together we co-create sustainable, conscious agricultural and economic practices.

Kalyaani, in Hindi (the national language of India), means one that can bring about positive transformation. We believe all women have this power, and through Kasturi, hope that women particularly in the agriculture sector around the world, tap into their power more consciously to heal and sustain our planet. Therefore, the first of the digital learning interventions titled ‘I am Kalyaani’, enables her to deepen her roots, even as she stretches her wings. Here is a high-level overview of the learning design for this intervention:

   I am Kasturi - The First Digital Learning Offering of Kasturi

Self Leadership | Module 1: Accessing my strengths

Objectives of Module 1: To acknowledge the multiple roles I play as a woman To recognise the qualities I possess that are strengths To list qualities that I have not so far utilised To acknowledge the wide variety of strengths I have To learn a technique to use my strengths consciously.


Write the responses to the following questions based on your experience having gone through the first five units. There are no right or wrong answers, these are only to strengthen your reflections and learning.Click here

Self Leadership | Module 2: Being adaptable

Objectives of Module 2: To learn the art of presence through a body process To revisit my life to look for instances of adaptability To learn techniques to become more agile and adaptable To identify my personal centre that stabilises me To stretch one's adaptability by taking on a challenge


Based on the last five units on being adaptable, answer the following questions. Remember that these are reflective questions and do not have a specific answer. They are meant to help you assess your own understanding and work on the learning units.Click here

Self Leadership | Module 3: Aligning with my goals


The last five units have been about understanding and aligning with your goals. Based on your experiences with the learning units and the exercises, reflect upon the following questions to deepen your learning:Click here

Working with the inner circle | Module 4: Learning from my inner circle


Based on the learning as well as the exercises with yourself and others in this unit, take a few minutes to respond to the following questions. The idea is to capture your learning and reflections. The answers, of course, will be different for each person.Click here

Working with the inner circle | Module 5: Reaching out to others


In the last five units, we discussed the idea of emotional intelligence and worked with our own emotions and that of others. Reflect upon your thoughts and experiences and respond to the following questions:Click here

Working with the inner circle | Module 6: Sharing my views


Since this module was all about learning how to share your message and communicate with others, our reflections are based on this too. Think about the exercises you have done while working on these units and respond to the questions below:Click here

Community leadership | Module 7: Communicating with the world


You have hopefully begun to practice the learnings from this module. Based on your reflections and the response from other people, answer the following questions.

* RequiredClick here

Community leadership | Module 8: Business acumen


Assignment 8

In the last five units, you have learnt about business-based concepts and also worked on a few exercises. Answer the following questions to deepen your understanding:Click here

Community leadership | Module 9: Dealing with diversity


AssignmentClick here

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