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Coaching services of Kasturi is about individual coaching to women leaders of key organisations to develop second line of leaders for their institutional expansions. The services will commence w.e.f. 1st Oct 2018. To know more, drop a message titled "Kasturi Coaching" via SMS on 9702099998 OR email to mshah@tcsrd.org.


Kasturi offers three days flagship training module on “Leadership through Coaching” for the Kalyaanies identified by producers’ collective. The flagship training module is designed to help you access your strengths and develop your skills in order to be able to coach yourself and others. This way it will enhance their business capabilities. You will also be facilitated by the need based guidance for a year either face to face or through video/telephonic conferencing facilities.

Learning Philosophy:
Step 1: See:
Success stories of women peers

Step 2: Express:
Own business development ideas

Step 3: Lead:
Own business plans and educational services

Step 4: Fulfill:
Fulfilling priorities (self, family & society) with self empowerment

The Kasturi team, in partnership with universities, corporate houses and educational institutions, has been conducting workshops for women agripreneurs in regional languages across India. The purpose of these workshops is to disseminate leadership content and enable  participants to become Kalyaanies: coaches for other agripreneurs. These workshops also serve as a train-the-trainer process, through which the participant Kalyaanies can learn and then go on to spread their insights in their circles of influence. In fact, some of our Kalyaanies have already conducted their own workshops to share what they have learnt, with their peers and networks. While our digital content is in English, these workshops can be conducted in local languages too. Kalyaanies are free to translate our content into the language/dialect best suited for their use and then share their learning.

If you are an organization (corporation, NGO, FPO, educational institution, etc.) or even an individual who works with women agripreneurs and wants to avail of our workshops, you can invite our team to your location.

To know more, drop an email titled "Kasturi - Learning & Development" to mkadam@tcsrd.org.


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